Oculus Reparo

One of the first spells that we ever lay our eyes on in the Harry Potter universe is the Oculus Reparo spell, cast by our very own Hermione Granger (Yes; the iPad autocorrected that name … how cool is that?). Today, I had a very similar experience at the eye doctor.

Some Background
Early last week, I went in for my yearly eye exam where, once again, I feel as though I should offer them my firstborn for the gift they have given me (i.e. eyesight). Anyway, at this particular appointment, they checked out my contacts – naturally there was a change needed. Coming out of an ominous Olivander’s-esk room (possibly a room of requirement), they pull out a pair for me to try.

The “Contact” Chooses the Eye, Mr. Potter
The contact was not happy and, so, I returned today to get things checked out. They gave me another exam (which I failed … though not as hard as the O.W.L.S., I’ll admit), and determined the contact lens defective. Olivander The doctor gave me a new pair and – Oculus Reparo – my vision was fixed.

If you have been blessed with a natural proclivity for good eyesight, be happy. Think about this in another way – had Harry broken his glasses in his first duel with Volemort He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, he certainly would have lost.

In all seriousness, I desire to wake up in the morning and to see the clock without fidgeting over my nightstand looking for the glasses that likely fell to the floor. I would love to be able to watch a movie late at night without having to position the pillow perfectly as to not jab my glasses further into my face. I’m glad I can see but, secretly, I hope eye surgery becomes cheaper in the near future.


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