The Obsessive-Compulsive Mover

Have you ever payed attention to the orchestration of a construction zone? As the summer construction season begins in Minnesota, I can’t help but see that the symphony of construction is synonymous with the vacancy of an apartment. Over the past few weeks, I have begun the process of moving – which is far more complicated than it sounds, especially if you are someone who prides themselves in being organized. Much like the build-up to the freeway being shutdown, a proper planning is key to the big move.


The old theatre adage that it is easier to strike than it is to set up is incredibly true for moving. Moving into my current apartment was a nightmare. Now that I have acquired more stuff (naturally), I must take the initiative to be more collected in this next round of moving. Organizing items by zones (books, clothes, food, health, linens, etc.) helps not only keep the odds and ends together, but it will make the eventual move out easier too. The only unfortunate side effect of a temporary move is the inevitable life of living out of a duffle-bag.


I have a rare ability to hoard things, which is apparently a hereditary trait in my family. Honestly, the word junk doesn’t fully describe the squirrel nest that I discovered in my apartment. I had papers from high school in a box (I graduated high school in 2008 – do the math), a stereo that still had a cassette component (do you remember cassette tapes?), and so much more. Without hesitation, I donated and threw out. Whether it is the shock of unemployment or the achieving this thing called adulthood, I finally got over this sentimentality of things from my past. Perhaps I am tired of lingering on what was and more focused on what is. Whatever it is, the purge has removed a good chunk of the junk.

Moving Itself

As a professional mover, I think the only thing that can be said about the move itself is to take it slowly – take the whole thing slowly. For me, I break it up into segments. First I pack, then I purge, then I plan the move, then I move. Simple. Easy. By taking it at a slow pace, the overall organization and style of the move should be a breeze (emphasis on should).


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