House Hunters makes it look easy

I mean, seriously, how beautiful is this place?

When I first began my apartment hunting, I thought that it would be as easy as it was the first time I began my search two years ago. I found a place, visited it, judged it immensely, and eventually signed the lease … all within about a week. Being fairly juvenile, I thought that I could do the same this time round in Minneapolis. Wrong.

The apartment search is a bit different this time round for multiple reasons:

  1. Fixed Income: Likely moving without employment, I have to realize that the circumstances are much different. With pay decrease likely, I cannot afford living in luxury. Besides, my previous apartment was like a dream come true: all utilities included plus internet. That doesn’t happen. Anywhere. I will have to pay for electricity, internet, breathing … things I never had to think about before at my old place.
  2. Location, Location, Location: I am an adventurist by nature and, if I am going to live in the “Minneapolis” area, I am going to live IN Minneapolis. A friend on Facebook suggested that, with my available “income,” I should look outside of the downtown area. This is laughable. Understandably more expensive and likely more likely for crime, I reflect upon the changing environment by my old apartment: dead body found behind apartment (literally), two people shot near local bars, one lady stepped in front of train, and so on. The risk is real anywhere I go – might as well make it understandable.
  3. To roommate or not to roommate: I’m lovable and adorable. I cook, clean, and smell like rainbows and sunshine. Yet, the hardest question is whether I should seek a roommate or not. While the allure of a person to come home to sounds great, not having to think about coming home to someone is also nice. What if they don’t like my lifestyle? What if they don’t like the smell of curry (seriously … I’m vegetarian … it’s all I eat). There are pros and cons to roommate life, and I have to decide what is best.

    This is accurate to a T.

Ultimately, it comes down to price and location. Minneapolis is an epicenter for the arts, and I want to be as invested into it as possible. The arts, music, theatre, LGBT community are so vibrant and its hard to not be attracted to that location. Besides, as I search for employment (Employers: please hire me. The qualities that make me a great roommate are also what make me a great employee), I will need to be as close to central as possible. I’ve learned from prior traffic experience that going out is better than going in (I’m searching for a joke for that) and, by being in the heart of the “big city,” I am locating myself perfectly for any position in the area.

No matter the decision, just moving to the metro will make me infinitely happier. Yes; it is stressful now, but the reward will be great. Honestly, I just wish I had Sandra from Property Virgins to help me with this. She would give me clarity, be real, and give me the sass I need. One does not simply find an apartment/house easily … nor do we all have the luxury of having 1.2 million to spend.


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