Six Degrees of Separation

Sometimes, life has a really bizarre way of joining people together. About a year ago, I met a couple from Ohio who are friends of my uncle while visiting California. I had heard much about them before, and it was a real treat meeting them in person, even if for a short while. What began as a first meeting evolved into a friendship. Today, on occasion of a death of a close friend, these two happened to find themselves in Minnesota, conveniently at the same time that my uncle was passing through for work. Coincidence, I think not. 

Here, in this room, represented three unique states, two unique countries, and yet we were all connected somehow. In the very short time that I was with this person who lost her husband, we instantly hit it off, and I could tell that, if we ever met up again, we could probably start where we left off.

Perhaps inspired by my recent lookings into networking, I am so amazed at how robust our network becomes when we meet someone. These two from Ohio are great friends now, and they have introduced me to even more people outside of the circle I started with. We joked today that the room truly represented “Six Degrees of Separation.”

When I was younger, I used to play a video game titled Kingdom Hearts (Truly brilliant game) that talked about how we are all connected – typically through our hearts (our hearts are connected through friendship), and I couldn’t stop thinking how true this is in our lives. Being romantically isolated, it feels great meeting (new) people and surrounding myself with them.

What’s funnier still is how we are all connected in some way. Today’s Story went something like this:

The woman I met today is connected with the friends from Ohio, who were introduced to me by my uncle just last summer.

Now imagine if that woman introduced me to someone else. That adds yet another layer. What I am trying to get at is that our world is more connected than we know and, if we embrace it, we can truly find happiness in everyone we meet because, indeed, we are all connected.


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