Shortlived Happiness

In my last post, I triumphantly proclaimed that I was going to be, from now on, incredibly positive. That lasted about a week, and I honest hit a low I haven’t experienced in a long time. It started with a doctors appointment and a scheduling of an additional appoint to see if I could have a tumorous growth. While I am like 97% positive it isn’t cancer, its a scare that I am not comfortable having in my life.  Continue reading “Shortlived Happiness”

A Personal Revolution

Something that has likely been alluded to in my past posts is a simple truth: I haven’t been happy. Whether it was my relationship status, unemployment status or overall just outlook on existence, nothing seemed (emphasis on the past tense) to shake me from an indefinite funk I was in. After speaking with a new friend the other day, he inspired me to do something unconventional: be happy.  Continue reading “A Personal Revolution”