A Personal Revolution

Something that has likely been alluded to in my past posts is a simple truth: I haven’t been happy. Whether it was my relationship status, unemployment status or overall just outlook on existence, nothing seemed (emphasis on the past tense) to shake me from an indefinite funk I was in. After speaking with a new friend the other day, he inspired me to do something unconventional: be happy. 

This friend mentioned that people can sense when others are not happy, which got me to thinking how this condition (because happiness is a condition) has likely kept me from exact people I want to be around. So, to test this, I woke up this morning and did the following: I looked into a mirror and said “You are going to be happy today. Today is a great day — so live it.”

And it worked. My day went well, I stayed rather positive, and it is late evening and I am still feeling the bliss of the afternoon (though my weird neck thing is back … lord knows why). And to continue this rollercoaster, I will likely continue going on this “positive” mantra for a while and to see where it takes me. This requires me to:

  1. Think happy thoughts
  2. Post happy things
  3. Be a dork — because I am one.

Thanks for listening to my obsessive rants the past few weeks months. I really apprecaite it.


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