Happy New Year

The fact that this blog hasn’t died yet is a true statement to my dedication to you [the followers/readers]. At the beginning of each year, I create resolutions (a crazy concept, I know) that I want to carry out through the new year: 

  1. Get a full-time employment:While I might be an intern (as of now), it doesn’t solidify my employment status (only postpones it). My goal for this year is that I gain a stable job that I can count on rather than countdown on.
  2. Get and maintain a gym membership. In 2014, I joined a gym for the first time. After a defeating first run at it (especially not seeing results six months after starting), I am making a commitment to joining a gym (hopefully tomorrow, actually) and maintaining my membership. The new place I wish to work with will have classes that I can take, so that will be a major benefit. Zumba: here I come!
  3. Make new friends (regardless of age or sex). My first four months living in the big city has been, for lack of better words, dismal (on second thought … that’s a great word). There have been numerous times when I would be at the bar but opposed to talking with people well above my age. The fact is they might provide me with something that could potentially introduce me to others.
  4. Begin saving money. It comes to no surprise that living in the big city costs money; the same goes for moving to one with very few things. My goal for the new year is to finally start saving money (e.g., emergency fund, I need a vacation away from winter vacation, new things, etc.). I’d also like to tackle bigger chunks of my student loans. Yeah … that’d be nice.
  5. Don’t let other people control me – be confident about yourself and ditch people who challenge that. It doesn’t come as a surprise that I have poor self esteem. My goal for 2015 is to make myself a priority. To truly spend time with myself and to gain an appreciation (and perhaps love) for myself.

These are my goals for the year. While some may not be reached, they are definitely my guiding light through the new year. I just wanted to share these with you. A more formal post/rant are pending.



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