When you look up at the sky, it might look one way one night but different a different night. While it may be possible that the universe has changed, all you are seeing is a different section of the universe/galaxy. This is incredibly synonymous with the frames and functions of people, too.

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OADN: Politics

I would be lying if I said that I didn’t grow up in a political family. While my mom rarely talked about politics, I heard my fair share of political opinion from my father. As many kids do, I was absorbed into the small-minded politics of association … the Republican party was good and the Democratic party was rebellious, flawed, and fundamentally the wrong party. When college hit, it was only a matter of time before I made my own decisions when it came to politics.

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OADN: Quantum Theory

I have a confession to make: no, I have not been personally victimized by Regina George (or have I), but rather I have an obsession with the universe. As a someone who has a relatively short attention span when it comes to numbers, there has always been some draw to space. Whether it is through poetic verse or through general research, I find myself reading about the scientific basis of existence and, in doing so, has brought me to a few conclusions (or perhaps philosophies/theories).

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