OADN: Quantum Theory

I have a confession to make: no, I have not been personally victimized by Regina George (or have I), but rather I have an obsession with the universe. As a someone who has a relatively short attention span when it comes to numbers, there has always been some draw to space. Whether it is through poetic verse or through general research, I find myself reading about the scientific basis of existence and, in doing so, has brought me to a few conclusions (or perhaps philosophies/theories).

1. There must be a force that brought us to existence: Perhaps a bit theistic in nature, I have come to the conclusion that our ‘circumstance’ is too circumstantial. Think about it … across all of our known universe, we have only begun to identify ‘earth-like’ planets in search for something to prove that our singularity is false. The odds of our planet being perfectly distanced from the sun — to have a set of magnetized poles as to protect us from the very thing that keeps us alive or to have a breathable, habitable environment such as we do — are absolutely unreasonable. I sincerely hope that this is proven wrong by the existence of other anomalies because, for us to be singular, is plain laughable.

2. We are not alone: Or rather, everything in our universe is balanced. For a very long time, I have personally believed in the balance of nature (and the balance of self). In science, there is the proton and the neutron (positive and negative). To believe that we are alone in the universe as intelligent beings is laughable; nothing is singular. Pointing back to my first point, the Earth cannot be singular in this relatively complex universe.

3. We are living in the past: It’s already scientifically proven that our eyes are processing things microseconds later than we are seeing thing (in other words, our sight is delayed). When we look at the sky, the lights that see take millions and millions of years in order to reach sight. In fact, many of the stars we look at are likely dead (and perhaps replaced), but we will likely never see a change within our lifetimes. This brings me to believe that what we are experiencing here on earth is simply the illusion of the present. For those of us graced with the gift of foresight, how are our visions of future events validated? My theory is that our brains are much further forward than we are able to comprehend and that, truly, time is relative. Foresight is a glimpse at what we have already seen (a preview into the future that we have already lived) and a manifest of the things to come. Yes; I don’t want to believe in a predestined future. But perhaps we are making decisions we are destined to make … and our being is only then processing that decision. It is likely, then, that this post has already been written by me, but my brain is finally able to process this moment in ‘time.’

4. We are all connected: One of my biggest tripes with any stereotyped segregation is the misrepresentation of the term ‘equal.’ Yes; I believe we are all equal, but it is not because we all have a processing brain that allows us to reason. Regardless of creed or color, gender identification or belief system, it is not our blood and brain that bind us … it is the very existence of everything that binds us. Not to neglect the obvious Avatar reference, we are connected to all living and non-living organisms within the cosmos because the very fabric of the beginning (and perhaps the before) is woven within our design.

5. Our evolution is imminent: From sapiens to homo sapiens, we have evolved across the millennia in order to sustain and to become more refined as an organism (as even a simple bacteria does to maintain). I believe that we are likely on the verge of our next evolution but I do not believe that this will be a physical evolution but rather a cognitive. What essentially separates us from many of the other organisms we know about is our brains — this juggernaut whose processing power we have barely scratched the surface of. I believe our first breakthrough will be the destruction of our concept of time; or rather, our brains will be able to process time differently. As mentioned before, the experiences we have are already based in the past, but what would happen if we had more glimpses of the present (or future present).

While I may have mentioned that our events in our lifetime are pre-ordained, what would happen if we could glimpse at the future and correct it from the past before the future unfolds. For example, if I know in a week I am to have a car accident, what would happen if I refused to drive that particular week? Would I disrupt the balance I talked about earlier, or would this create an entirely new scenario that has never taken place? What if this scenario was meant to happen?

Our concept of time, therefore, is both valuable and poisonous to our advancement as a civilization. It is what stops us from asking questions such as the ones above, and prevent us from evolving into ‘timeless’ beings, ones who are able to look forward.

I know this has become an incredibly long post, but I truly find talking about the cosmos to be thrilling. Yes; some of these touch points hardly talked about space, but they all are affected by the very universe we live in. How we live it, then, is up to our design as, again, (if speaking from an egocentric lifestyle) the universe is but a fragment of our imagination.

Perhaps the spinner is still spinning as if in a dream, but we must understand our existence to better understand the life we live. Only then can we evolve to become better.

This was the first of several On a Different Note: a series of posts where I break the tradition of talking about my life and talk about big issues, concepts and more.


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