OADN: Politics

I would be lying if I said that I didn’t grow up in a political family. While my mom rarely talked about politics, I heard my fair share of political opinion from my father. As many kids do, I was absorbed into the small-minded politics of association … the Republican party was good and the Democratic party was rebellious, flawed, and fundamentally the wrong party. When college hit, it was only a matter of time before I made my own decisions when it came to politics.

In college, I explored both parties with a much more passive outlook and quickly became more aligned to the democratic party (that shouldn’t be any bit of a surprise from my readers … I’m gay, basically a feminist, I believe in the equal protections and rights of all Americans regardless of socioeconomic status, etc.).  After taking a class entitled “PostColonial Literature,” my interest in the function of government took a stronger turn. In a similar fashion as my last OADN post, I shall write my basic beliefs in government, politics, and more:

  1. Democracy is failing and will fall. We have already seen the beginning of this in recent years; even card game “Cards Against Humanity” have pointed this out to their 2014 Christmas offering. Many, if not most, of our political leaders have been essentially purchased by big corporations, big banks, etc. Sen. Elizabeth Warren, a few months ago, spoke to this issue of business-run government and how we, as a nation, need to escape this current trend. The problem is that the 1% (the fabled word of the 2012 Presidential election) are controlling the (in)decision in Washington. The voice of the people is then being summarized by the voice of this select population. My friends … this is called idealized Capitalism.
  2. United. There will become a time when we as a nation and planet will need to make decisions in a joint effort. While we might have the United Nations, it will become increasingly more important for us to unite in the decisions that essentially effect the billions on the planet. This might be in result to the impending energy, food, ecological crises that we are avoiding to accept. This will undoubtedly change the fabric of the political governance across the globe (thankfully/at last).

I’m not really sure what this post became, but I know that my view on politics is far more complex than what I describe above. Thanks for reading.

On a Different Note (OADN) is a series of posts where I break the tradition of talking about my life and talk about big issues, concepts and more.


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