Body Dysmorphia & Fitness

As I sit in a gay coffeeshop this morning, I reflect that about one year ago to the day I began this blog as an almost live journal to my life. With the turmoil of losing my first job (and likely my first career), I wanted to express whatever I was feeling openly and honestly, without providing too much context as to the who. Today, I wish to share a little bit about some of the most traumatic experiences in my life and how that has affected my perception today.

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Date Day MSP 2015 — April 25

In homage to everybody’s favorite blockbuster Ms. Congeniality, I felt a sudden urge to do things today, specifically, that I don’t normally do. Since my trip to Chicago about two weeks ago (yeah; I know … no post on that …), there has been a repeat in my usual emotional state, which is more often than not described on this blog. However, the key difference is that I am beginning to realize that self love needs to come first … and it starts with a date with, well, myself.

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