The Constant Search for Cash

Over the past several weeks, I have perused dozens of articles regarding the age-old question “how to get rid of debt quickly.” So many of these articles assume a few things:

  • I got a degree that makes me a lot of money. I was a teacher (a very low professional career … and don’t even try denying that one). Now I am at the lower end of the marketing spectrum (better, but not there yet).
  • I went to a relatively expensive university. It was no Harvard, but definitely not a state college.
  • Mommy and daddy helped, but not enough to let me waltz through college without debt.

So, the question remains: how do I pay off debt quickly.

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Job (In)Security

A year ago, I had a very different lifestyle — one that required ties, endless supplies of pencils and erasers, patience and, above all, wit. While this may seem like the perfect description of a up-and-coming stand-up comedian, it in fact describes my life as a teacher. As of today, I have been out of the teaching profession and — as many experience — it is bringing up memories of last summer.

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Ideas of Welcoming

This past weekend, a new group came into the Minneapolis queer nightlife called The Welcoming Committee. Centered around the notion of create spaces where people (specifically queer people) felt welcome, it definitely proved to stay true to that core value throughout the night as we took over a traditionally space space.

There was, however, some opposition towards this new group coming to the cities — with claims that the metro did not need a “corporatized group coming in to fix a problem that doesn’t exist.” However, this problem is the exact thing that does exist within the community here, of which I experience often. This problem is, in fact, welcoming.

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