Romancing the Gym

Every few months or so, I personally hit a plateau in my fitness routine. Whether it stems from extreme laziness to muscular injury (current phenomenon), there seems to be a trend between active lifestyle and my overall happiness.

Beginning August 1 (tomorrow), I’m going to try something new. Beginning tomorrow, I’m going to try working out every single day (yup). You might be asking yourself “Well, how does that help? If you can barely get there today, what makes getting there tomorrow and the day after that and the day after that likely.”

The Plan

Or rather the problem that I identified is that “I’ll go tomorrow” is my typical excuse. Studies show that you should only go to the gym four to five days a week — so it becomes a guessing game as to the next time to hit the gym. Sometimes, something comes up which makes exercise impossible. So, by saying I’m going to work out every single day, I’m making a pack to consistency. It doesn’t matter if it’s 10-15-20-30 or however long, as long as I break a sweat, I’ll call it good.

I guess lately I’ve been looking in the mirror, seeing something I don’t want to look at anymore. I wish it were an easy transformation, but it will be the hardest test I’ve ever faced. I just want to be happy with myself and, I think, this will help.

So is that it?

No — hardly. While I could hope that exercise would be enough, it likely will never be. I’m also trying a little harder to not go out so often. Whether this means limiting my normal “plans” for a weekend or just saying no, I need to cut down on consumption of alcohol, as well as any tempting food that comes my way. That container of cookie dough needs to go.

Additionally, I want to try literally living a healthier lifestyle. This doesn’t just imply the obvious food, drinking, exercise response, but I do want to experience a healthier attitude — which includes not getting bent out of shape about a relationship, or about not being included in certain activities.

Thanks for listening — whomever is out there. I know someone is looking at this, and I thank you for your continued support.


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