Fitness Begins Monday … Seriously.

FOR REAL. I mean it. Seriously.

Since likely July or August, I have been making post after post about my fitness needs, talking about having a routine of going every other morning, eating healthier, etc. — basically a load of baloney.

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On the subject of making money

MAKING MONEY is not something easily done when essentially rebooting your career or coming out of a private, liberal arts college with over $40,000 in debt. Though, since going into my first career as an English teacher, I decided that I wanted to be more contentious about my spending. That idea was great and all, but completely impossible since I lived paycheck to paycheck (and actually lost money from the job). Since then — and a whole career change later — I have rebooted my plans to pay off my now remaining $31,000 loan in 2.5 years.

How will I do this?

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Happy New Year [2016]

LETS START WITH AN APOLOGY // Sorry for not posting for forever. The last time I wrote was in October and it was all about fitness – well, precisely lack there of. I detailed plan for overcoming my trepidations. Guess what — it didn’t happen. Well, it worked for like a week then stopped.

The problem was not my plan, but rather how I went about that plan. Which leads me into talking about New Years.

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