Working out: one-month anniversary

It’s official — I stuck to a goal (well, except for the last three days). According to my LAFitness app, I went to the gym 28/31 work days; which, if you’ve been following this blog whatsoever, is rare. Officially reaching my one-month anniversary comes with a few revelations about my new life:


  • Gym boys are attractive // If there is any reason I go to the gym, it’s for the eye candy. No gay will ever deny that luxury that we get by going to the gym every work day. I’ve found myself giving names to describe certain patrons, such as “sweaty bae” or “tall bae” or “sexy AF bae.” What I’ve also noticed is how dedicated each of these gym rats really are; to a point where I wonder how long they’ve been at the gym before I got there. I understand getting fit, but I don’t (yet) understand why I would dedicate hours to my fitness.
  • When you lift, you get stronger // Weird … you mean to tell me that the more consistently I lift, the better my results and better my lifting ability. The last time that I did an assisted chin lift, I was at 60lbs aid, where I started a month ago at 75-80lbs. Those are real results.
  • Something isn’t working // I got hungrier, which is understandable since I am putting my body under an incredible amount of stress. However, I got heavier. Significantly heavier from where I was just nine months ago. Unfortunately, the answer is probably simple: diet.
    • Too many carbs and sugars // I understand that I am Italian, but I am also noticing that I am eating nothing that I am eating nothing but carbs. I either am eating rice, pasta, noodles, sugars, etc. And, more unfortunately, I think that I need to get rid of these to start seeing real results.
    • Body is confused // I also recognize that I am likely a little heavier due to the excess stress on the body. Water weight is a bitch (which is ironic because I likely don’t drink enough water either).


I am one month in to my change in lifestyle and, as mentioned above, there are some things that need to change in my overall diet structure. I also recognize that my workout needs to be more intense — maybe getting the gym in the morning for the first workout, then later for a class that will push me over the edge.

As the weather here in Minnesota also improves, I am looking forward to going for bike rides, outside runs and spending just a significant amount of time outside. I also am going to be altering my evening routine to incorporate yoga and deep-breathing meditation into my life. There are so many changes that I can do, now the question is will I.


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