One month without the apps

If reviewing the most recent posts on this blog (which are too few and far in between, you’d notice a general thematic element: my oblivious self-hate towards myself, mixed in with a lack of will power to evoke change. However, there was a change that was made within the last month or two that I’m sure will make you (the reader … I assume you’re reading this) would never believe: I removed the single most frustrating, unnerving and emotionally complicating app(s) on my phone: dating apps. 

Why? I thought you were looking for love.

That is a great question; you’d think that I have better odds finding that “romantic life” through an app intended for it. However, in the words of dates of my past: “You’re profile doesn’t do you justice.” Why would that be — why would my profile … seemly reviewed dozens of times … not do me justice.

My emotional struggle with myself, it appears, has been seeping through my context, profile pictures and overall communication walls that I build around myself. And I realize that the only way that other people will learn why I’m attractive is when I can say the same for myself. Because, if you haven’t been reading my blog, I don’t.

So are you swearing them off? 

No. Thank God. I’m just taking some time to personally reflect on myself and to, to not quote another blog title, “revitalize the spirit.” I’m really taking an active approach to my diet and to, eventually, exercise.

What are you doing in the meantime to meet people, because I thought you were lazy AF? 

Yes … yes I am lazy AF; though, I am stepping up my game in being a tad more outgoing than normal. I actually join a community choir fairly soon, and I am planning to be scheduling some more activities that keep me out of my apartment as much as possible.



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