Revitalizing the spirit

After several weeks of record-high stress, I now find myself comfortably in southern California (with coffee in hand, of course) on vacation. While I might have broken my own oath of not responding to a work crisis, I am relatively removed from whatever is happening some-thousand miles away. Even in the short amount of time (say 6 hours) from “un-connecting,” I can feel my body slowly doing something unusual: relaxing.


Since early November, I have worked nearly every day of the week. Recognizing my constant struggle for more money, I realize that my own work habits have been far from excellent. Without any form of rest since that faithful day in November, I can easily tell that my body has undergone a lot of strain.

It’s tired. Worn out. In constant motion.

I suppose it’s fair to say that my body is certainly talking to me and saying that enough is enough. This vacation, in of course one of the most spectacular places in the United States, couldn’t have come at a better point.


Over the next several days (one full week) my plan is to revitalize my spirit; to disconnect and to meditate upon everything that has happened to me this past year. To separate myself from the every-day worries that I plague myself with.  This means doing things that revitalize myself — writing, reading, thinking, singing, coding, running — things that, while in Minnesota, I don’t make time to do.

This week is for me, and I will not and refuse any temptation from work. I broke this morning, of course but, for the remainder of this trip, I will remain removed (segregated) from my job and focus on my lifemy healthmy well-being.


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