One month without the apps

If reviewing the most recent posts on this blog (which are too few and far in between, you’d notice a general thematic element: my oblivious self-hate towards myself, mixed in with a lack of will power to evoke change. However, there was a change that was made within the last month or two that I’m sure will make you (the reader … I assume you’re reading this) would never believe: I removed the single most frustrating, unnerving and emotionally complicating app(s) on my phone: dating apps.  Continue reading “One month without the apps”

Revitalizing the spirit

After several weeks of record-high stress, I now find myself comfortably in southern California (with coffee in hand, of course) on vacation. While I might have broken my own oath of not responding to a work crisis, I am relatively removed from whatever is happening some-thousand miles away. Even in the short amount of time (say 6 hours) from “un-connecting,” I can feel my body slowly doing something unusual: relaxing. Continue reading “Revitalizing the spirit”

On the subject of making money

MAKING MONEY is not something easily done when essentially rebooting your career or coming out of a private, liberal arts college with over $40,000 in debt. Though, since going into my first career as an English teacher, I decided that I wanted to be more contentious about my spending. That idea was great and all, but completely impossible since I lived paycheck to paycheck (and actually lost money from the job). Since then — and a whole career change later — I have rebooted my plans to pay off my now remaining $31,000 loan in 2.5 years.

How will I do this?

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Happy New Year [2016]

LETS START WITH AN APOLOGY // Sorry for not posting for forever. The last time I wrote was in October and it was all about fitness – well, precisely lack there of. I detailed plan for overcoming my trepidations. Guess what — it didn’t happen. Well, it worked for like a week then stopped.

The problem was not my plan, but rather how I went about that plan. Which leads me into talking about New Years.

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